Monday, October 30, 2017

I'm Judging You: Oh, people. We're the worst

I was on the way to the airport when - horror of horrors - I realized I had left my book at home. We found out our flight had been delayed before leaving the house, so I had pulled it out of my bag and started reading. A rookie mistake, I know. You can't mess with the bags once they're packed. Now I was on my way to travel (delayed travel at that) and had no book. So clearly I had to buy one when I got to the airport.

I mean, I did have my phone. And iPad. Both of which have the Kindle app on them. And it was a couple Kindle books I planned on reading.

BUT NO! Don't be ridiculous. I left my Kindle at home and thus I HAVE to buy a new book. Obviously. Why are you arguing with this flawless reasoning?

Anyway, so that's how I got my copy of I'm Judging You.
While I was not already familiar with Luvvie Ajayi's blog (something I should probably remedy), I am a sucker for essay collections from hilarious ladies and I could stand to do better.

If it's not clear from the title, the book is a series of essays of Luvvie judging you, from the little things (#Hashtags #I #Hate #Your #Hashtag #Abuse) to the serious (Racism is for Assholes). Her section on culture, which is mostly made up of the serious topics was probably my favorite. In addition to the racism essay already mentioned there's stuff about rape culture and privilege and homophobia.  The classics. I'm glad the entire book wasn't this because, even though her writing is hilarious, it would still be a downer so the lighter topics were welcome. Yes, rain judgement down on terrible ebehavior or people who really shouldn't live all their drama on Facebook.

Her writing style is similar to Phoebe Robinson's in You Can't Touch My Hair. There's a lot of slang (I feel roughly 200 writing that), though I believe Robinson's hashtag use is probably getting the side-eye from that lollipop on the cover. But if the writing in Robinson's book annoyed you, you may have some issues with this one (or vice versa) so heads up.

There's nothing particularly new here so it does have a bit of preaching to the choir but I was FINE with that. It was a great plane/vacation read and I was entertained so win.

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Title quote from page 6

Ajayi, Luvvie. I'm Judging You: The Do-Better Manual. Holt Paperbacks, 2016