Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Toronto, I visited you!

Sorry there haven't been a lot of posts recently. April is being sort of a dick of a month, so it has just not been in me. But here I am, pushing through.

Instead of writing a review which takes, like, effort and such, (as you can see, I'm not there yet) why don't I just share a bunch of pictures from my recent trip to Toronto cos hey, we took a trip to Toronto!

We drove up, cos who doesn't love to spend the day in the car? But of course if we drive up, we get to make a stop at Niagra. I do not loooooove Niagra like some people but hey, giant waterfall, that's fun and picturesque, even during an overcast day when half the park is under constructions.

Oooo. Aaahhhh.

After lots of walking around and pictures, it was time to get back in the car and make sure we made it to Toronto in time for baseball. Because when Tom plans a vacation, of course baseball is involved. In this case, I was pretty excited for baseball because of our seats. Rogers Stadium (the stadium in Toronto where the Blue Jays play) has a hotel attached to it. A hotel where some of the rooms overlook the park so you can open the windows and watch the game from your room. In comfy chairs. And with a private bathroom. With whatever food you decided you wanted, such as lobster fried rice.
I have been spoiled. Also I got to take a nap during batting practice. This is my favorite way to watch baseball and every stadium needs to do this.
The next day we were up early. Weather reports said we were supposed to get rain the next couple days so we decided to try to cram a bunch of stuff into Friday. First stop was a quick ferry ride to this island. We decided to catch one of the first ferries over and GOOD CHOICE because the island was hosting an Easter Egg hunt and apparently everyone with children 6 and under was attending. We just missed the crowds and got to wander around when it was mostly empty.
After our Island morning we did what we tend to do when we go to cities, which is go up in a tall building. Cos that's a thing. So we went up to the CN Tower.
Then it was off to our last stop of the day, THE ZOO! (PS, have I mentioned I heart zoos.)

Since that was a bunch of photos, I'll save the rest of the vacation for a second post.