Thursday, January 19, 2017

China Rich Girlfriend: Anyone can be forgiven. Anything can be forgotten

China Rich Girlfriend was so much fun. It's just more of the same as Crazy Rich Asians, and I mean that as a compliment. It's more people being insanely, stratospherically rich and yet in a way that doesn't actually make me want to stab all the things, or aspire to be them. OK, maybe there was some wishing I could be them, since I finished up the book while flying coach reading about these people that own their own 747s and yeah. OK then it might have been nice to have one of those.

As with CRA, there's a plot. Kinda. I mean, it's there so you can see all of the insane wealth and name dropping. Rachel Chu is about to get married to Nick Young (so, um, spoilers for the first book, I guess) who is willing to give up his craaaaaaaazy inheritance to be with her. But before that can happen they make a trip to Shanghai and we get to see all the crazy richness there.

Astrid is back, which is swell cos I like her a lot. She's still having problems with her husband, who is now a tech billionaire, which he thought would put him on the same level as her family. Astrid continues to be levelheaded without being boring (*cough* Nick and Rachel *cough*) and have excellent fashion sense.

There are some new characters, Carlton, who loves expensive fancy cars and his kinda-sorta girlfriend Colette, a social media celebrity, who is constantly stalked by the paparazzi.

But really, my favorite part was the woman who takes the nouveau riche of China My-Fair-Lady's them into the right kind of rich. I would have been pretty happy if the whole book had turned out to be this because the bit of it we get with Kitty Pong was super fun.

Plus Kwan includes lots of fourth-wall-breaking footnotes to explain Chinese slang, or certain dishes, or other cultural details.

It was a fun story. Sure, there isn't much substance there but that's not really a problem. Sometimes you just want a simple, light, fluffy story that let's you see the stupid crazy rich. And this hits the spot.

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Title quote from page 122

Kwan, Kevin. China Rich Girlfriend. Anchor Books, 2015.