Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Tuesday Top Ten: Bookish Christmas Gifts

I haven't done a Tuesday Top Ten in I don't know how long. A million years? Roughly. I mostly stopped because things got busier and I got worse and worse about checking on the new topic and being able to do the hop part of things, so I figured it was unfair. But I'd like to try to get into this again, so hey, let's see how this goes.

The topic is Top Ten Books (or non-book bookish items) would I like Santa to leave under my tree.

Typically I don't ask for books for Christmas. I usually don't have a lot of books I am like MUST HAVE THIS so I prefer to just browse and buy books on a whim. So let's see what I can come up with.

1. Social Justice Reads - I thought I'd keep this as a single item because I literally just wrote a post about the SJRs that I want, and it seems silly to repeat that. But if these were to show up, I wouldn't be upset.
2. Book gift card - I was looking through my TBR list to try to find some other specific books that I'm like "Not only do I want to read this, but I want to read it IMMEDIATELY" and I'm not really coming up with much, so let's go with a gift card to somewhere like The Strand. See now I HAVE to use this money on books. No choice, really.

3. Litographs - We already have a print of a scene from The Great Gatsby made up of the text of The Great Gatsby so why not get more of that? I'm loving the Midsummer scarf. Or maybe The Tempest t-shirt.

4. Shakespeare insults mug - While we're on the topic of Shakespeare stuff, why not a mug made up of Shakespeare's insults? OH WAIT, I already got that as an early Christmas gift. Win win win.

5. A metal thing to use my Shakespeare fridge magnets - Remember that word poetry stuff that was so great? There's a Shakespeare version of it and I have them. BUT my fridge does not work with magnets. Which I guess makes it look nice and clean and whatnot but means that all my cool magnets are homeless. So I guess in this sense the item itself is not bookish but would facilitate bookish stuff. Though I guess I'm sort of just asking for a piece of sheet metal. maybe gussy it up a bit?
6. Bookish socks - I am in need of socks pretty much all the time. I don't know what I do to them, wear them EXTRA HARD, but pretty much all of my above-the-ankle socks have holes in them. If I have to get new socks, why not make them awesome ones, like the banned book socks?

And here we go. I'm already running out of ideas. I'm sure there are more, but I can't come up with them now. And really, item 1. is really multiple items, so I've made it beyond 10 items, so I'll stop here. What are your bookish wants, that I'll prob steal. (Not the items, the ideas. Just to be clear.)