Tuesday, May 3, 2016

April Reading Wrap-Up

I feel like April was an especially busy month, yet I somehow managed to read more books and pages than I have at any other point this year, so go figure.

This is a bit late since we've just come back from a long weekend up in Boston where I ate my weight-and-then-some in delicious food and saw lots of people and oh yeah, a friend got married. The entire trip was made up of meeting people for meals with some walking/napping in between, which is FINE because I spent long enough up there (not like this trip, I mean more in the years I lived there) and have no need to go sight seeing. I did of course make it to the Booksmith for what turned out to be Independent Bookstore Day and picked up copies of A.J. Jacobs' Year of Living Biblically* and Mary Roach's Gulp. And speaking of Mary Roach, Sarah mentioned her new book Grunt is on NetGalley so I signed up for that and was approved, so that's pretty exciting.

Now, onto the stats

Total books finished
The Lake House by Kate Morton (3 stars)
The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins (4 stars)
How to be both by Ali Smith (4 stars)
Zer0s by Chuck Wendig (4 stars)

Total pages read


Female authors

White authors
US authors

Book format
paperback: 25%
ebook: 75%

Where'd I get the book
Kindle: 50%
Gift: 25%
Just the Right Book: 25%


Review books

Readalong/Book club books

Blogger reco


Books by decade

Books by genre
Cyberthriller: 25%
Lit Fic: 25%
Mystery: 50%

Resolution books
It's all cos of non-US authors, which is sort of an easier hurdle to jump but STILL COUNTS. How to be both and The Girl on the Train were written by UK authors and Kate Morton (The Lake House) is Australian, though her book is set in England. lots of UK style reading going on last month.

*Spellcheck does NOT recognize the word "biblically" and suggested I meant "bionically". For the record, I would totally read that book as well.