Friday, August 21, 2015

Another beloved book is being made into a movie

First there's The Martian (which recently came out with a new trailer) and now there's one for Bill Bryson's A Walk in the Woods.

Unlike The Martian, which I knew was going to be made into a movie for awhile, this one was new to me. I was recently at the Strand and one of their tables were able books being made into movies and A Walk in the Woods was on that table. For a second I thought perhaps someone had just placed the book there after deciding not to purchase it, but that was not the case. Obviously, because who would decide against a Bill Bryson book? But I guess that didn't make too much of an impression on me.

Then Tom and I are laying around watching TV and there's a commercial announcing a new Robert Redford movie. Because Robert Redford is pretty awesome, Tom tends to be a fan of his stuff and I was about to point out to him that there's a new movie that he's going to want to see when suddenly things start to seem familiar. OK, it's mostly Nick Nolte seems perfect as Stephen Katz, which might be an insult to Katz but kudos to the casting director. I watched the rest of the commercial with my mouth hanging open because OH HEY LOOK AN AMAZING BOOK IS BEING MADE INTO A MOVIE AND SEEMS TO HAVE SOME QUALITY PEOPLE IN IT, LET'S ALL ENJOY.

I'm sure this is going to be fairly different from the book, given the book is a lot of talking and in terms of action it's mostly (only) too middle-aged guys walking. In the woods. If you didn't get that from the title. It's filled with information about the trail and the history and all this other super interesting stuff that doesn't lend itself to a movie, so I'm pretty fine with them making a bunch of changes. I'm sure Bryson is pretty fine with that as well, considering he gets to be portrayed by Redford.

So yeah, I'm pretty excited for my movie options for this fall.