Saturday, July 18, 2015

Moving success: I have internet again

I'm pretty sure this is longest I've gone without posting since I started this blog.

As I mentioned last time, we just moved and I was probably going to be MIA while we did that whole packing and unpacking and getting internet and finding where the hell everything ended up (present me is so annoyed at past me for not being more organized) and this is clearly not a real post. It is a post to tell you that I got internet so I'm going to try to be back soon. Maybe I'll even post some pictures of the new place, though that might be down the line when we're no longer using beach chairs in the living room.
One thing I do need to consider is how to organize my books. I never really thought I organized them much, but it turns out that's a dirty lie. Because now they're not organized at all. My brother helped me unpack and he just put books on whatever shelf was closest which is FINE and what I told him to do, because I'm not that much of a crazy person. But it does mean that I have no idea where any books are. I do however know that all bookshelves (once we brought and built-ins) are filled and I still have a giant suitcase full of books hanging out in my mom's basement waiting for a home. Perhaps a purge is in order.
Or this
I do need to get to reviewing because, as per usual, I am waaaaay behind. So let's see what's to come, shall we?

Euphoria by Lily King - historical fiction based on the life of Margaret Mead, who knew this would be so good (many people, if reviews are to be believed)
Crocodile on the Sandback by Elizabeth Peters - well THIS I knew would be a good time cos it had the Alice seal of approval. And also she gave me a copy to read. So much fun.
Coronado & Other Stories by Denis Lehane - It's been awhile since I've read the guy and I'm happy to report he does short stories well.
The Dinner by Herman Koch - just people being the worst. Absolute worst.
A Feast for Crows by George R.R. Martin - More Game of Thrones but almost none of the characters you've grown to love. (But still good. Still good.)
The Martian by Andy Weird - Did you know I love this book BECAUSE I LOVE THIS BOOK and that last post about my excitement for the movie meant I couldn't help but re-read this.
Self-Inflicted Wounds by Aisha Tyler - I feel a lot of kinship of how Tyler describes her ability to hurt herself in spectacular ways. Especially considering I'm nursing a few battle wounds from when I fell walking up some stairs while carrying pizza. (Don't worry, the pizza was unharmed, though a garlic knot was sacrificed.)