Monday, January 26, 2015

Giveaways & Booktours - What do you think?

Question for you book bloggers out there: do you do giveaways and booktours. Why or why not? Please show your work.

I'm thinking this has something to do with the new year, but I've been getting more-than-usual book review requests, though nothing that has really struck my fancy. A couple of them have been requests for a giveaway as well. Which on the surface makes sense and seems like a good thing. I get to offer my readers something free! They get their book out there. Win-win. But you know, what if I don't like your book?

If I didn't like the book, I don't want to give it away on my blog. And really, how successful of a giveaway would it be if I wrote a very lackluster review and then was like "YEAH so if you want a copy of this, jump through whatever hoops are required and a free copy of this book I couldn't stand COULD BE YOURS!" That'd be awkward.

Same deal with a booktour. I guess there are probably (though I haven't done one so could be totally wrong the details) a set list of questions the author answers, so maybe not as awkward. I mean, for the author that is. But again, wouldn't that suck if I ended up not liking their book and now they gotta answer questions and pretend I said nice things about their book.

I'm not saying I would definitely hate the book. I go into books assuming I am going to like them. Because really, why would waste my time on a book I assumed I was going to hate? But I won't know until I've read the book.

Now that said, if an author I already like reached out about a booktour or giveaway, I'll go with it. It's already been shown I'll probably like them so the opportunity for awkwardness is less. Or at least the awkwardness will show up in new ways I haven't figured out yet.

Have any of your dealt with this? What'd you do if you didn't like the book but now were committed to a giveaway or booktour?