Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sunday Wedding Post: The Final

You guys, this is it. The last wedding post. Well at least the last Sunday post. Because this is the last Sunday before the wedding.

Whaaa? I know! Crazy.
Boyfriend+'s best man and his new wife (and reason for our west coast jaunt) are here this weekend for bachelor-party related goodies, so while the boys were bachlor-party-ing, BMW (best man's wife) went into NYC to pick up my dress!

I had my final fitting this past Tuesday. One of my bridesmaids came with me to learn how to tie and bustle it which really didn't look that hard but I guess the wedding day will show if the lesson was necessary. So now the only thing left was to go over the dress with a seamstress (to make sure it's actually my dress and no one spilled paint on it or anything I guess) and then take it home. Well, I didn't take it home. My mom and her boyfriend very nicely drove into the city so they could take the dress back to my mom's.

Today my bridesmaid (she who learned the dress tying) is coming by and we're going to set up an assembly line to finish the favors. And eat bagels because important stuff.

Then it's just a few more things. Bringing stuff to the venue for set up. Bringing stuff to the florist. Paying everyone (blaaaaaaah). Then just a few more days of CRAAAAAZY work (hooray quarter close) before I am off and it's time to relax a bit before the big day!!