Thursday, May 1, 2014

Lady Audley's Secret readalong that I am already failing at

Hey, guess what! It's May. Guess what again! Alice is hosting a May readalong. Guess what again! I forgot about the readalong!

There was a reminder & schedule post that went out on Monday and had I seen it on Monday I would totally have all of the reading done (as Alice has pointed out several times, it's like 10 pages) AND I would have a post written. But that did not happen. Instead I saw the post yesterday afternoon, and had yet to even pick up the book.

I suppose my choice could have been quickly do the reading and get something written. Except that clearly didn't happen, cos look at what I'm writing now. Work decided to be insane the entire month of April so really, the fact that I even have this post is fairly impressive. I mean, not THAT impressive. Cos this is just be saying I didn't get the reading done. But I WANT to play along and our readalongs are always a good time. So I will catch up for next week's post.

Until then, sloth hugs for everyone.