Monday, June 17, 2013

My book buying hiatus, and how well that's going

I found myself with a free afternoon this weekend. It was gorgeous out on Saturday so I thought, why not walk into town. I'll be outside, maybe I'll wander through the stores, grab some food. Good times.

I get down there and figure I'll pop by the bookstore. But I've told myself I don't want to buy anything right now cos I have a whole bunch of books sitting on my shelf that I really need to get to.  But what's the harm in seeing what they have? Here's the internal/text conversation I had

I'll just see what they have on the remainder tables. Probably nothing new just yet. Oh hey, what's this? A Visit from the Goon Squad audiobook, and only $10? Well now, that's interesting. And Boyfriend+ has been looking for an audiobook to listen to while in the car. I should see if he'd like this.

:text to BF+: "Visit from the Good Squad $10 audio. You want?"

Well, now I need to wait to see if he wants it, so I'll browse around a bit. 

Hmm good, it looks like all of the books I would want on the remainder tables I either have or I've read. Maybe I really won't buy anything. I mean, I was killing time in B&N the other day and didn't get anything. That was good.

:text from BF+: "Never heard of it"

Never heard of it?? How can that even be? Oh right, there are some people who don't spend a significant portion of their free time reading about the book world. Well fine then

:text to BF+: "If you read my blog you'd know it"

Wait, that's mean. I can't send just that. But how do I describe it in a text?

:text to BF+: "If you read my blog you'd know it. Won the Pulitzer a couple years ago. Interconnected short stories"

There, OK, well I've gone through all the remainder books, but I still need to know if he wants this. I'll just wander through the rest of the store. Hmm still no more Butler. I bought their only Butler book months ago and they've never gotten more. That's sad.*

I wonder how the hell they do the PPT chapter of Goon Squad on audio. That...that would be awkward if she describes the slides. 

Let's see what's over in the new releases section. Oh hey look, Warm Bodies. I want to read this. But no, I shouldn't get it. I already have enough to read. But I am sort of in a zombie mood, since I'm listening to World War Z**

:text from BF+: "OK"

OK? OK, get it? OK, that was a good enough description? OK, I'll start reading your blog?

:text to BF+: "I get it for you? You could always read a story before opening the audio. You don't like and I'll return"

Alright, I'll go back and grab that. And, I mean, since I'm going to the register anyway I may as well get  Warm Bodies.

Because apparently it was just the journey to the register keeping me from buying it? Wouldn't want to go up there with just one thing. That would be ridiculous. Maybe I'll just get the audiobook

Guy at the register: Just these two things then?
Me: Yup!

Yeah, so I'm getting both of them. Whoops

:text from BF+: "Sounds good"

Glad he meant for me to get it, since I already did and all.

My will power is impressive, no?

*Seriously bookstore, get more Butler. I guess I should actually see what of hers I don't have and then see if they can get it but really, I want them to have more Butler so other people will read her. Because she's great.
**It is EXCELLENT by the way. At least so far.