Sunday, December 2, 2012

Wedding dress I FOUND YOU

The weekend before Thanksgiving, I went wedding dress shopping. Now I thought we were going dress shopping super early, but the plan was to just look. See my good friend (and maid of honor) lives in Ireland, which is a bit far away for me to call her up and suggest we go look at dresses some random weekend. Instead we planned to go when she was stateside for Thanksgiving. And by "we planned" I mean "my mom planned". And it's a good thing she planned cos I'm pretty sure if she didn't, I'd be trying to do this dress shopping last minute. Cos I'm good like that.

As I said, the plan was just to look. I didn't want to get anything just yet. It was my first time going out to look. Of course I'd spent a lot of time on Pinterest and going through bridal magazines looking at dresses. I wanted to take my time. Anytime I try to plan something, things just go the opposite way. I should really just embrace it.

We went to Kleinfeld's, the place where they film the original Say Yes To The Dress. And my consultant there was actually one of the women on the show (Diane, blonde hair, super nice). I was very nervous to go here. I was afraid things were going to be awkward and the sales people would be very pushy and try to get me to spend way more than I wanted. I've read reviews that said as much about Kleinfeld's. But I'm happy to say it was great and I never felt rushed or pressured and I wasn't shown anything out of my budget.  So yay.

Bliss by Monique Lhullier
I told her what I wanted (nothing shiny, nothing satin, lots of texture) and then we pulled some dresses. I actually got to try on one dress that I LOVED and it was actually one of the pictures I'd brought with me (but hadn't shown Diane yet cos apparently she can read minds). Big textured flower skirt, no sparkles and just fun. I did really love it. But it was the first dress, so I needed to try some of the other stuff we pulled.

The next was one that was satin and ruching and fit and flare. When she first picked it out my mom saw her carrying it and mouth to me "Oh I love that one!" So I was really trying it on for her. But then I loved it. Like really loved it. Like "no, I don't really want to take this off, kthxbai". It was heavier than the first one, and of course satin (which I thought I didn't want but I just didn't want the really stiff stuff). I went back to the dressing room to try on a couple more and I got them part way on and they were just, no thank you. I got back in that first Bliss dress and again, I really liked it. I did. It was light weight and fun. But I LOVED the second dress. I thought about going to other stores and trying on other dresses and the thought of it seemed...well...pointless. Normally I want to try EVERYTHING but right then when I thought about it I knew I was just going to compare anything else to this dress.

Now I don't have a picture of it to share. Or rather I have a picture of it, but I do sort of want it to be a surprise so I don't want to post a picture of it. I'm sorry. I know, that's mean. I promise there will be pictures after the wedding. So that's only 20 months away (roughly) so yeah. ALSO apparently I didn't go dress shopping super early cos it takes like a year for them to make the dress. So yeah. I def would have been screwed if I'd done things on my schedule.

So yeah, I'm sorry for that tease and not sharing the wedding dress picture. That was mean of me. But I wanted to share that I got the dress.

Now all we have left to plan is everything else. We're on our way!