Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happiness is learning there are more books coming

You guys. You guys! YOU GUYS!*

Jasper Fforde has another series.
 I know! I'm excited too!

The new series is called The Last Dragonslayer. Those of you in the UK may be like "Alley, really? This is old news" because apparently the first book has been out there since 2010. But I just heard about it now because I'm not good at keeping up with things. Or being observant in general. Fforde Tweeted something about finishing a draft of another Thursday Next book (more OMG!!1!) so I checked out his website and what do you know. New (to me) series.

That is all. Please carry on with your day.

*I use "guys" as a gender neutral term, though I know many of you are ladies.