Monday, November 28, 2011

Upcoming reviews OR a post to distract you from the fact that I have no real post

Hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving. At least those of you who are in the US. For my international readers, you should really get in on this holiday. Seriously, you hang out with family and think about what you're thankful for and most importantly PIE! It's pretty cool.

I spent my Thanksgiving in South Carolina because screw cold weather. I'm currently pet-less and my dad has a bit of a menagerie (6 cats and 3 dogs at the start of the trip*) so that's always fun. Plus it distracts me from the fact that, with the exception of my phone, I'm internet-less down there. Oh they have internet, but they're so far out they can't get unlimited access (I didn't realize that was a problem for things that aren't wireless phones) and they work out of the home so they need their interwebs. Also I'm way too lazy to set up anything. This paragraph is just a big excuse as to why a) I haven't posted anything in awhile and b) why I haven't read any blogs in a week. But I have been reading! So to tempt you with stuff I will be reviewing once I get my shit together, here are the books I've read that I need to write about:

Beat to a Pulp edited by Scott D. Parker and David Cranmer
On Writing by Stephen King
Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil by John Berendt

Also to distract you from the fact that I have no real post, here are some animal pictures!

*By the end of the trip it was down to 3 cats. See, most of the animals my dad gets are animals that wander over and don't leave. The house is an old plantation so it's in the middle of no where and there are stray animals roaming the area. There used to be a bunch of wildcats around, which was good because they took care of the mice and rats. That is until my dad got a couple dogs that just destroyed the cat population. If you're wondering what a dog would do if it ever caught the cat, kill it is the answer. So dad was feeding this a cat that started showing up, and one day noticed she looked a little larger than usual. And what do you know, she's pregnant. To keep the cat and her eventual kittens safe, they brought the cat inside. The cat is going the 16 and Pregnant route, but instead of time on an MTV show and a boob job, it gets to live inside and not get eaten by dogs. Clever girl. But 6 cats is a lot so they were going to give away all the kittens and managed 3 (2 to my step-mom's sister and one to a co-worker of hers). I'm trying to convince Boyfriend that we need one of these but so far he's resisting. Specifically the cat in the last picture that is like "I will destroy you, pine needle, but also I will nap!"