Monday, October 17, 2011

Bookish Accessories or I heart these earrings

So obviously I love books, if this blog wasn't clear. Inspired by Lit Musing Brenna's Book Fetish posts on BookRiot I decided to finally write about a bookish gift I was given. Granted I was given the gift months ago, but seeing how I am no good at doing anything in a reasonable amount of time, only a few months after the fact seems pretty good.

Check out these book earrings. Adorable, no? The best part, they're actual little journals. Now I could never write anything in them because I can't write nor read something that small, but the fact that they are actual little leather journals with actual pages inside makes me happy.
Normally earrings shaped like objects aren't really my thing, but these I love. I love them cos they're bookish, I love them because they came from a dear friend and I love them because they're from a place I loved and miss. Which does mean it may be slightly difficult (though not impossible) if you wanted to pick up a pair. I've mentioned this a few times on here, but my friend and I studied for a semester in Italy. My friend was back that way and she picked these up for me because she's pretty awesome. So if you happen to find yourself in Perugia, Italy* you should make sure you wander around the stands they have selling little items cos you might find something like this.

*Luckily I was there before the whole Amanda Knox fiasco happened. I'm very happy I didn't have to deal with that circus and I can remember the place as a super awesome Italian college town instead of that place where that murder happened.