Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Running Motivation

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For years I've hated running. I think it was mostly out of spite for being made to do it during gym class. I told a teacher at I would run if I was being chased but didn't see the point in just going around in circles. I played a decent amount of sports when I was younger, but I seemed to find the positions that didn't require a lot of running. I was a pitcher for softball and a goalie for soccer. So it's come as a surprise to myself and those that know me that I want to start running. As soon as I'm not being made to do something, I have no problem doing it. Because I'm a brat.

While I may want to start running, I still need some sort of motivation. I figured I'd just load the iPod up with some music and go with that. When I used to have access to treadmills (one of the many things I miss about college was free gym access) I would read while running. I got a lot of homework done that way. However, seeing how I no longer have free access to a treadmill (I'm too cheap to pay for a gym membership) it seemed that reading and running will no longer be an option. But then, Jennifer from Soy Chai Bookshelf mentioned she runs to audiobooks. She said it helps keep her motivated to run until she finishes a chapter. Sounds like a genius idea to me! And even though I want to run (instead of having someone force me to run) I still could use that kind of motivation.

I spent last weekend hiding from the hurricane at my mom's and she just happens to have a few of the Harry Potter books on CD, so that's what I'll be starting with. Has anyone else tried this? How'd it work for you?