Friday, June 17, 2011

Where I've been

I wanted to give a little explanation as to where I've been this last week when I clearly wasn't posting here. I suppose this is really for the 2 of you* who even noticed I've been MIA here and on Twitter.

First up, Beijing Coma is long. I mean not the longest-book-everrrrr or anything, but longer than I was expecting. This is especially notable because Pete from What You Read, who gave me the recommendation, mentioned the length. And, since I downloaded the book onto my Kindle, I checked out how many pages the paperback version has (720) so it's not that I didn't know exactly how long it is. It's just that with the Kindle I'm not constantly reminded of the length except as I'm watching the "percentage finished" bar barely move, no matter how many pages I turn. I apparently don't equate that with length, just my reading speed. I have a feeling I'll be here for awhile. I may break up the book and pick up another Puerto Rican author in the middle. We'll see.

Secondly, I was assuming going into this month, that I was going to have way more reading time. When I moved down to LI I was still working for the job I had in Boston. My job is primarily through email and phone calls anyway (the majority of my clients are in Dallas, Seattle and NYC) so the move wasn't too much of an issue for me to work from home**. The plan was I would start working part time in June. This meant I'd have lots of extra time for reading, blogging and job searching. And as happens anytime I make plans, things change. There was some restructuring within my group which gave me the chance to keep working full time. As the rent isn't going to start paying itself and this opened some new opportunities, I took that. This change meant I have far less time to do all of these aforementioned things. Even quickly popping over to Twitter or my Google Reader hasn't happened all that much. Don't get me wrong, I like being busy at work. It's just doubly unexpected.

So those are my excuses. And of course this gave me a reason to post. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to take some more screenshots and figure out how to make sure Twitter people's curses quit sneaking around these filters.

*For the rest of you, what do you mean you have your own lives and aren't just sitting around in a dark room waiting for the genius that is my posts and tweets? That can't be right at all.
**I love my commute, I miss face-to-face interactions with people