Monday, February 7, 2011

Sharing the blog love

Awhile back I thought I'd do regular posts about blogs I enjoy and think others should check out. Of course, as things tend to go with me, I can't actually stick to any sort of schedule. So here is my sporadic when-I-think-about-it post with some other blogs that I love and I want to share the blogging love.

Lifetime Reading Plan - This is a blog for discussion of the classics. I don't spend enough time reading the classics and I can get easily intimidated by them. Lifetime Reader generates interesting conversation around complicated topics. The last couple weeks have centered around The Iliad and have been wonderful. Make sure to check out the comments as well as the posts. There's always an interesting conversation going on down there.

Cynicism 101 - Dr. Cynicism has a hilarious, sarcastic blog about a little bit of everything.  Some involve interactions with his students which can both crack me up and make me fear for the future. (I'm pretty sure the person in that post is the same type that calls me up at work complaining their username is too complicated to remember, even though the username is their first name...) He'll also examine graffiti for its greater message and I've actually driven past this piece of artwork. I'm glad I was able to read his piece before experiencing this masterpiece first hand.

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