Sunday, January 16, 2011

Stylin' and Profilin'

I know blogger awards are a bit like chain letters but I like them anyway.  And Bev over at My Reader's Block was nice enough to give me a Stylish Blogger Award. If you haven't already, check her out!  Here are the rules

1) Thank the person who gave you the award and post back to their blog.  Done!
2) Tell us 5 things about yourself.
3) Award 5 super-stylish bloggers with this award.
4) Contact the bloggers and let them know they one.

So here are some things about me that I've probably said more than once because I have a tendency to repeat myself.

1. After a single vacation to Seattle I'm ready to move out there, at least for a few years.  I have trouble articulating exactly what it was about the city that I loved, but it was enough to make me want to switch coasts for awhile.
2. I started snowboarding when I was 13, after skiing for a couple seasons.  Unfortunately I haven't been back on the slopes in a few years and my snowboard is just sitting around, waiting to be brought back on a mountain.  I should figure out how to get rid of the stickers I put on it when I was in high school, as cool as they are.*
3. I own several Nintendo consoles: Regular, Super, 64, Wii, Game Boy Color, DS.  The majority are hand-me-downs from Brother when he got bored with the system.  Except the Wii; that's all mine. Also I'm trying to con a few GameCube games out of the Brother.  Boyfriend also has a PS3.  Lots of entertainment options.
4. I love slinkies.  I'm actually playing with one right now.  I think it's a nervous habit.  I have a lot of trouble sitting still.
5. I hate driving.  As soon as Boyfriend got his license I have mostly handed that responsibility over to him. This hatred is most likely caused by living in Boston because all of the stereotypes you've heard about Boston drivers are true and then some.

I'm going to fail on parts 3 and 4 and here's why: some people like these awards and some don't really want them.  I don't want anyone to feel like they need to accept the award and spread the love so heres how this part works.  If I've ever left a comment on your blog I probably think you're pretty sweet so feel free to grab this award to let other people know.

*Not very.