Sunday, June 8, 2014

Wedding Post: We're getting closer

We're in countdown to wedding day now, which means my months of slacking off thinking "Eh, I should probably call some vendors about stuff" have come to an end and I have to actually do things. Last weekend was wedding party time. This has been wedding work time. But it's all fun stuff so it's cool. So, what have I been up to?

Been to the venue to finalize all the...stuff that needs finalized. Figuring out the menu (IMPORTANT!) and yes there will be multiple types of Asian food, as well as Spanish food and Italian food. ALL THE FOOD. The menu options at this venue were a big reason we went with them. But then we also had to figure out table arrangement (not seating yet. That will be a whole other adventure) as well as linen colors, when I need to bring them stuff, signature drink options, etc. The table arrangement was fun. And by that I mean, eventually we came to a solution we really liked but it took some time. Here's the distilled version of that decision, which basically took a few weeks to come up with:

Me: Do you want to do the sweetheart table thing? That's where we sit at a table all by ourselves. Cos I don't want that.
Boyfriend+: Yeah, I don't want that either. That's lame.
Me: Should we sit with the bridal party?
B+: But where will their dates sit?
Me: Nearby. They can sit at the table right next to us.
B+: OK, at the wedding I'm in, do you want to sit with the dates of everyone in the bridal party or would you rather sit with me?*
Me: ...You make a good point. OK, so we won't make the dates sit separate. But then are we back to just us by ourselves?
B+: We could split the bridal party up? Sit with some and their dates and then just near the others?
M: How do we decide who we sit with?
B+: Why do we have to decide? Can't we just sit with all of them??
M: Well, maybe. I mean, why not? Can't we just have one giant table for all of us?

The venue was a little confused with this suggestion at first but EVENTUALLY they got our plan to have all 18 of us (Boyfriend+ & I, bridal party [3 on my side, 5 on his], and their dates) sit together at one big table. So I'm pretty excited about that.

After the venue we had to go to a cake tasting! The cake is actually included as part of the package with the venue (wiiiiiiiin) so it felt like the cake was free and that was pretty sweet. (HA! puns) We look at a billion (OK, 200) pictures of cake options and tasted so much cake I was definitely on a sugar high when we left. I'll save you the suspense and tell you the cake is going to be 4 tiered vanilla cake with 2 tiers of cannoli filling and 2 tiers with custard and fresh strawberries. We stayed away from chocolate since the venue is ALSO providing a dessert of chocolate mousse and fresh berries. I'm expecting a sugar high at the wedding as well, obviously. Oh and even though we were both super full from all the cake, we decided we needed to pick up a little something from the bakery. I mean, listen, if you can hang out in an Italian bakery and NOT pick up something, kudos to you. I'd say you deserve a cookie, but really, that would defeat the purpose of this. We debated cookies but landed on a couple cannolis. Obviously.

THEN the next morning I met up with on of my bridesmaids, my mom, a good family friend, and mom's boyfriend for my first dress fitting. It's been over a year and a half since I've seen the dress so there is that worry like "Shit, I better still like this thing." I LOVE IT so phew! The fitting wasn't too nuts either. The dress fit me for the most part with the exception of a little work at the bust line. Oh and they had to hem it like 5 inches. And that's even with heels. I told the seamstress I know I'm short and she tried to reassure me the dress is just extra long. I wasn't saying I was short like "Aww this is a MAJOR FAULT I MUST TRY AND LIVE WITH" but more of a "I shop in the petite section so this is not a new situation I am facing," but given the major defensive they went on when they told me they were going to order 1 size up from the sample I tried on**, I have a feeling they're dealing with a lot of insecureness.

I am super excited about the dress. I can't share pictures with you until after the wedding (SORRY) but yeah, I am looooving it. I am going to have kick ass posture throughout the wedding cos boning does not abide slouching. It does abide making my waist look awesome. So that's exciting. And once the dress was all pinned up I could actually walk in it. Well I could sort of walk in it. I assume walking will be even better when every step doesn't stab straight pins into my legs and feet.

So that's where wedding things stand right now. I'm sure I'll have a bunch to write about next week cos it seems there's always stuff going on at this point.

*I feel I should clarify here that at the recent wedding Boyfriend+ was in, the bride & groom, along with best woman & maid of honor (and their dates) sat at one table. So I did get to sit with B+ during the wedding.
**When they measured me for the dress, they said they thought the sample fit me but recommended going up a size since the sample is stretched out a bit and it's easier to take in. They immediately followed this by saying "Oh don't worry, it's just cos the new one is loose and really, this size could work for you, but we just really need to make 100% sure." My reaction to their defensiveness was a blank stare followed by "You guys are the experts so whatever you say. I really don't care what size this thing says it is." Which I am proving by having no idea as to the size. 10 maybe? Whatever sizes bridal samples typically are, one size up from that.