Monday, June 2, 2014

Busy wedding weekend. Hence the Sunday wedding post on a Monday

I realize I normally post my (few and far between) wedding updates on Sunday, which I do cos I figure I'll keep my non-book updates on the weekend. But my normal plan of writing a wedding update on Sunday plus a normal review for the week went out the window. So this is going up now. Take that, arbitrary blogging rules I made up myself.

There has a been a bunch of wedding stuff happening, since the day is coming soon. It looks like last time I wrote a wedding post was in March when Boyfriend+ and I were discussing the couples for the table names. Since that time we've come up with a list of couples, sent out invites, gotten a bunch of responses and thank you, responsible friends and family for getting back so quickly. Can I tell you how important spreadsheets have been during all of this? Because I have roughly a billion of them to help me keep track of who we've invited, who we've heard back from, who I'm going to have to yell at, etc.

AND this weekend I did a bunch of bridal stuff. Namely my bachelorette and bridal shower. Because OF COURSE I did them back to back. Isn't that how you do it?

Actually the reason for this, as I've mentioned before, is my maid of honor lives in Ireland which is a bit far from NY. Which means I'm working with when she is stateside. She is super popular and actually has several weddings to go to (including a few she's in) so I'm not the only one taking up all of her vacation time. I got a couple days to hang out with her before the festivities began.

The bachelorette activities were a surprise for me, which meant I spent a fair amount of the time leading up to Friday quizzing my MoH what she was planning and oh man, there better not be strippers and please don't make me do something embarrassing and I think I'm just going to hide under my covers, kthxbai. BUT because she isn't a terrible person (quite the opposite), she and my other friend planned a super fun night including an "Appetite for Seduction" cooking class then drinking and dancing. Well additional drinking on top of the wine at the cooking class. We also got this amazing hotel room that was huge and including an outdoor patio so after dancing the few of us left hung out drinking champagne until we realized we REALLY needed to sleep considering the whole "we have to get up to get back out to Long Island for the bridal shower in a few hours."

The bridal shower was happening at my house cos I figured if I'm going to be hungover and tired during a party, I may as well be all of that at my own house and worst come to worst I can have people mingle around me while I curl up on the couch. I was alive enough that I didn't have to hibernate until after everyone left. AND another one of my friends catered the event (after being out all night for the bachelorette because she is a trooper and also I don't know how she managed it) which was awesome and the food was delicious. Is delicious, since I still have a bunch in my fridge. Which means I also have meals for the rest of the week.

My poor MoH left the bridal shower to immediately go to ANOTHER wedding. Because while my weekend may have been busy it was NOTHING compared to hers. But my weekend wasn't done yet.

As most of you probably know, BEA just ended. Because of the above activities I didn't get a chance to meet up with many people, but Alice was still around (YAAY) so Boyfriend+ and I met up with her for burgers and milkshakes and a walk around Central Park while we tried to avoid the parade. Good times, of course. Have I mentioned how much I love book blogging and the people I've met through this thing?

The house is still a mess, there are deflated balloons all around and wrapping paper that yes, should be in the garbage but I haven't made it that far yet. The gifts that we got we've decided to just put them in the spare room and we'll figure out where to fit them later. When we're not so tired. I really wanted to finish the 20 Minutes book before today so I could count it towards my May stats, but that didn't happen. I also didn't write that May stats post but this was more important.

So that's where wedding things stand so far. I'm hoping to make these posts more regular, up until the wedding at least. For awhile there really wasn't much to say about wedding planning since you sort of book your vendors and then you have to wait until it gets closer to celebration time before you can do anything else. But now we're close enough that things are happening, and thus there are things to write about.

THANK YOU to all of my friends who planned the parties and came to celebrate. I had the best time and I'm ready for a LOT of sleep. Which I'm sure I'll manage to get. Eventually. Maybe after the wedding.