Saturday, January 5, 2013

Mini-Readathon Time

How are you spending your Saturday? Is it joining in a mini-readathon? Cos it should be.

Because this is a mini-readathon it's only 8 hours AND there is a mini-theme. Which in my case is going to be try to figure out any possible reason (no matter how convoluted) that the book I'm reading or the snack I'm eating count as mini. Because I couldn't be bothered* to actually pick up mini-foods, even though we spent so much time coming up with good options.

There's a check-in around hour 4 and then a wrap-up post and I'll probably post updates whenever I need a break from reading/more snacks. FIRST UP

Notes from a Small Island by Bill Bryson
Clementines, which are kinda like tiny oranges
I'm actually prepared with this post because I woke up around 9:50 thinking the readalong started at 10. I figured screw it, I'll start late and then realized no one else had posts up. At which point I actually double checked the time and realized I had an hour. See, sometimes my inability to pay attention to details (like the clock) works in my advantage.

UPDATE: Bryson is still guiding me around England, but I decided I needed more food. So snack number 2, mini-grilled cheeses
What's that? You say it's just a normal size grilled cheese but cut down to smaller pieces and served on toothpicks? Quiet you.

ANOTHER UPDATE: While I am enjoying Bryson's trip around England, I need something else. I considered switching to Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (mini because written for children, aka mini-people) because all the cool kids are doing it, but I think I'm going to go with The Complete Works of William Shakespeare [abridged] by the Reduced Shakespeare Company. I've read/watched this enough that I sort of have it memorized (and I've destroyed my original paperback and VHS copy in the process) so this should be a quick one. I also need more food so this time it's apples and peanut butter, which is mini because it is a snack generally enjoyed by children, which we've already decided are mini-people.

MORE UPDATES: Just finished The Complete Works of William Shakespeare [abridged] so that with the Bryson I've thus far read puts me at 287 pages read. Woo! I'm going back to Bryson but before that MORE SNACKS

I forgot that I just happened to have mini Toblerones sitting around. How convenient. And I decided it's time for a cocktail and I just happened to have a tiny bottle of Maker's hanging around.

WRAP UP: I'm in the same place I was after the last update. I had good intentions to get more reading done but I decided to just see what's going on on TV. And VH1 is doing a countdown of top songs of the 2000s which I JUST WATCHED but apparently I can't look away. So I got another 4 pages read. Oh well.

Total pages read: 291
Books read: 
1/2 of Notes from a Small Island by Bill Bryson
The Complete Works of William Shakespeare [abridged] by the Reduced Shakespeare Company
Snacks consumed: 
Tiny grilled cheeses
Apples & PB
Mini Toblerone
Whiskey & cola made with a teeny bottle of Maker's

Good times, everyone. Good times.

*This is only kind of true. Another part of the "couldn't be bothered" is due to the fact that we have 1 car between Boyfriend+ and I, and he usually has it. Cos it's his and all. So if I want to pick up food I need to a) do it when I'm in NYC and drag it back to LI with me b) get the car from Boyfriend+ when he's home from work c) go with Boyfriend+. C is pretty much the only one that happens, since he works often and I hate driving. We haven't had time to go grocery shopping but DON'T WORRY. I will come up with foods.