Monday, October 12, 2015

This whole idea of marrying for happiness and love is relatively new

Aziz Ansari and a non-famous guy (sociologist Eric Klinenberg) decide to write a, if-not serious then at least well-researched, book about what love and dating are like in the modern world, Modern Romance.

Why is Aziz writing a book that involves graphs and stats and whatnot instead of a memoir or the like, as with most other comedians? He said basically that he didn't want to write a comedy book because he'd rather write new material for his standup and if he's not writing new material than he would just be repeating what he's already said in his standup so it wouldn't be anything new. But this was something that interested him, given he is dating in the modern world so hey this seems like an interesting topic.

I heard good things about the book from Alice's review and then listened to Aziz on one of the Freakonomics podcasts and then the book was on sale so stars aligning and whatnot, I read the book. And I thoroughly enjoyed it. Which was expected.

It was an interesting book looking at the ways dating has changed, from the time just a couple generations ago when you would probably marry the guy down the street cos well, he seems nice enough to now when if you don't find your soulmate your life is meaningless, and the pros and cons of each.

I can't say I had too many opportunities to relate to all the online dating bits, given that I met Tom while we were in college and, much like the people from the nursing homes they interviewed, he lived in my building. First a few floors down when we first met and then by the time we were dating he lived across the hall and I have told him that much of our first getting together was a matter of convenience because I am a true romantic.

But that's fine cos it's not written in a way where you need first hand experience with these things in order to understand and enjoy, though I am sure you can probably get a little something extra out of those parts. And I am also a fan of sociology, so this was very much my thing.

I actually have a friend that went to one of his shows that was later used as part of this book. Not directly but as I was reading I remember a friend saying she went to a show but instead of it being standup he was talking to people about online dating. And also that he pretty much spent the whole time talking to two people so perhaps not the most statistically sound way to get information. But there enough other parts where they seem to be citing actual statistical evidence vs. anecdotal stories.

So yeah, this was excellent and I'm glad it followed the not-so-successful Intern's Handbook cos ugh.

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Ansari, Aziz and Eric Klinenberg. Modern Romance. Penguin Press, 2015.

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