Sunday, January 26, 2014

Wedding Update: Big decisions DONE!

I always forget how much time has passed since my last wedding update. Of course I also forget how much time has passed on this engagement (over a year) so I'm bad at keeping track of dates and time in general. I did mention in a comment to Emily that I had a wedding post coming up. And then I forgot to write one. I'm going to blame Tumblr since I have been spending way too much time on there this past week. But I'm sitting around procrastinating on some chores while watching that TLC show Four Weddings* and realized I should probably write that update.

ANYWAY, I think I now have all of the big wedding decisions done, which is pretty exciting. Update on the last post where I went over shit we had figured out.

Venue: Still figured out! I want to go see it again cos apparently they've done a lot of renovations to the room we're in. Everyone we've talked to says the changes are awesome and it still pretty much looks the same, only better. The venue includes food AND the wedding cake AND the ceremony space so BAM! So much finished right here.

Wedding dress: Also still figured out, and should be coming in soon. Which will be cool cos it's been over a year since I saw the thing. Apparently these things take 9 months to make if you order it. But if you're not getting married for like a year and a half from the time you order it they figure they have some time to make it. And they're right. It's way better that they take their time with it rather than putting it into my hands where there's a good chance something will go wrong. I even have the shoes already and I've been sporadically wearing them around the house to break them in.

Bridesmaids dresses: Done! And everyone ordered them. And one of the girls even got theirs already so that's fun.

Photographer: Done! Found a company we really really liked. They did a great job showing us their whole set up (they do all of the work in house) and I loved what they do. Fun story from one of the photographers we didn't go with.
The photographer showed us an album of their work. As we're flipping through the album we notice one of the big pictures where both the groom and a groomsman both had their eyes closed. When Boyfriend+ pointed this out the answer was "Well, we let you pick whatever photo you want, even if someone has their eyes closed." His response: "Yes, that's great. But you don't have to show ME this picture when trying to sell me on your service." A week or so later they called me to follow up. Now, I didn't have the number saved to my phone so when I saw this number come up I didn't recognize it. Apparently they weren't sure who they were calling since they responded to my "Hello?" with a "Hi, who am I speaking to?" I think I actually made a scoffing noise and said "Well, you called me. So who are you?" At which point Boyfriend+ started laughing, they sounded taken aback, and once they announced themselves I felt even better about going with someone else. I won't name names cos that'd be mean but yeah.

DJ: Done! This was a pretty hard choice cos we really liked everyone we talked to but I'm happy with who we decided to go with. Now I need to work on the list of "Must Play" and "Must Avoid" songs. We already figured out the first dance song but I guess I'm supposed to figure out a Father/Daughter dance (assuming my dad wants to do that). Maybe I should farm that out to him...

Florist: Done! My mom came out last weekend and we went to see three florists in one day. After the first place she was ready to sign on but I need to know I'm making the right choice. I was. We ended up going with the first place, which does the flowers for our venue anyway. The venue comes with ceremony flowers (win!) which this place provides. Normally you sort of take what they give you, but now that we signed with them for all the other stuff they said they'd work with us a bit more on the ceremony flowers.

Invitations: Ordered AND delivered. Which was insanely fast. I think it was 2 days. I assumed this would be weeks but yeah, that was pretty sweet. Plus it means if we need to order more (man, I hope not) then at least I know it's a quick turn around.

Honeymoon: Booked! And I (finally) send my passport out for renewal. Getting that photograph taken is a real hassle. Hopefully there won't be any problems. But really, I got all of the measurements and despite what guy at CVS said, I'm pretty sure I can do just as good of a job as he can. It's not like he's an expert passport-photo-taker. The second problem is my inability to go to the post office even when I walk by it several times a week. But ugh, I really need to psych myself up anytime I need to go there.

I think now we just have the details to figure out. Wedding favors have been decided, I just need to poke some people to make things happen. I'm still deciding if I want to do literary couples or fav books as the table names. I'm thinking literary couples and I sort of don't care if people at the wedding don't already know who Eleanor and Park are. THEY CAN LEARN. Boyfriend+ still needs to pick out a suit. We need to get the wedding bands. Oh, and we still need an officiant. You know, details.

But I think we're in a pretty good place with everything. And things haven't actually been that stressful which is amazing. Hopefully it stays that way right up to the wedding day.

*Apparently my mom saw some casting call asking for brides in my area getting married when I am if they want to be on the show. And I laughed and laughed and laughed cos oh GOD no. No. I don't need strangers, both in person and on TV, judging my wedding. Besides I'd probably be there as the clueless bride who is like "Our theme is...umm...well I liked this thing so yeah, I went with that. That's a theme right?" If your curious our theme is "wedding," and I think we are NAILING IT. Also the prize is a honeymoon, which is awesome cos I heart free vacations but we already have our honeymoon booked so yeah. This was a long ramble to say you won't be seeing me on TV.