Saturday, January 11, 2014

Mini Readathon

It's Mini-Readathon Time!

Last year around this time Tika decided to host a readathon that wasn't quite as intimidating as that 24 hour readathon that some people (me) just don't have the attention span for. Thus was born the mini-readathon where we'll read/tweet for 8 hours and eat lots of snacks. And the theme is mini, but the more you can stretch that definition to fit what you are going to eat/read, the better.

Let's see what I have

I have three titles right now that may or may not be changed as the day goes on/I think of other mini excuses.

In A Sunburned Country by Bill Bryson - mini because I'm juuuust about done with it.
The Housekeeper and the Professor by Yoko Ogawa - mini because it's only 180 pages
Different Seasons by Stephen King - mini because they're short stories.

I was going to start with eggs (little chicken fetuses) but then I decided to make something both Boyfriend+ and I could enjoy, so I'm going with silver dollar (TINY) pancakes. Except he's not down yet so I don't have completed pancakes to show you. But the batter is in that blue bowl behind the books so I'm on my way.

I'll share my other snacks throughout the day/as I figure out what they'll be. Because I am terrible at planning but I'm pretty good at bullshitting so I should be able to come up with some more mini foods.


Here we are, about half way through this mini-readathon. How's everyone's reading/eating going?

I finished 1 book, except that book is the Sunburned Country one and I only had about 50 pages left. STILL COUNTS. Plus I've been reading it since before the holidays which is silly that it's taken me so long. I love Bryson. I love the book. The holidays just made me reading lazy. Hence why this readalong has come at such a great time.

I have been eating though, because priorities. First up, here are those pancakes in their finished form.
We also had some blueberry jam with them that my mom made. It counts towards this cos it's in a tiny mason jar. I put another mason jar with OJ in the picture for comparison.
THEN I also found a couple snacks. I was scrounging through our pantry and realized we bought a Costco sized thing of Welch's fruit snacks. While Costco is definitely not mini-sized, the bags themselves are. PLUS these are really snacks for children, a.k.a. mini-people, so COUNTS
Then I wanted some chocolate and we have this espresso bean dark chocolate bar, which is delicious. The chocolate breaks off into small pieces so mini. PLUS the profits from this candy bar go towards saving endangered animals. Which are endangered cos there are only a tiny amount of them left. BOOM, MINI AGAIN

I was about to start King's Different Seasons but then my mom called and we were discussing wedding centerpieces. It was still sort of bookish since I'm trying to figure a way to insert books/literary couples into the table numbers.

I hope everyone is eating lots of delicious mini things. Oh, and also reading. See you on Twitter!

Thoning update the second and final:
I'm about at the end of my minithon time. A friend's birthday celebration is this evening so Boyfriend+ and I will be heading out to celebrate and play some drinking bingo. I'm going to do a bit more reading now so I will still be following along on Twitter till the end.

I managed roughly another 50 pages in Different Seasons (starting with Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption) and then got distracted by internet things. Like Alice live tweeting episodes of 19 Kids and Counting.

I did manage to eat more mini snacks! Or snack rather. I made a small plate of nachos. And since I'm at the bottom of the bag, pretty much all of the tortilla chips were tiny. AND shredded cheese is pretty much just really tiny slices of cheese SO THERE.
Tika, thank you for hosting this minithon which as been super fun, even if I have to cut out a bit early.