Monday, June 11, 2012

Bookish Wedding (sequel to bookish wedding invitation)

Hey, so remember when I posted about my friend's wedding and her bookish invite? In case you don't like clicking on links, maybe this will jog your memory.
Well that wedding was this weekend (I remembered to send her the RSVP card) and guess what? There were more bookish elements to the wedding! My friend saw me stalking the cake table with my phone out and asked if I was getting pictures for the blog, so she has given her blessing for me to share a few more pictures from her (awesome) wedding.

Check out the table decorations! Stacks of books? Check. Scrabble table number dealies? Yup. Confetti made from dictionary pages? You bet. Card catalogue table assignment cards? Oh yeah, those too!
Then there's the cake. My friend decided she wanted pie for her wedding because why the hell not? She wants her wild Maine blueberry pie and it's her party. BUT she did have a wedding cake. Or maybe a groom's cake. Anyway, she had a cake in the shape of a bunch of books
If you're curious (and of course you are) the books in that pile are, from the bottom up: El Juego Del Angel by Carlos Ruiz Zafon, Dr. Who, For Whom the Bell Tolls by Hemingway and that monster book on top? Yeah that is his PhD theses to be. News to him that the dissertation is apparently supposed to be around 3,000 pages. Really, he probably should have stopped dancing and got back to work on that sucker. 

I missed getting a picture of their "guest books" which were actually a couple English-Spanish dictionaries. You pick a word you want to represent your happiness for the couple. Or you pick a word and have it relate to some stupid time in college. To-may-to, to-mah-to.

I want to thank my friend for the excellent time at her wedding, congratulate the couple again, and give an extra "thank you" for giving me another excuse to put off writing the Emma review* that I really need to get to (and the Branded review, and Ready Player One...). Mazel tov and all that jazz.

*I started it and good news! It's going to involve me talking A LOT about Clueless because I just watched it this afternoon. Consider this side note a little sneak preview.