Wednesday, June 6, 2012

IRL Book Experiences

Today's Armchair BEA topic about real life bookish experiences. And I suppose book reading doesn't count. Or maybe it does although that would be a boring post. And now I'm trying to figure out how you would read not in real life? Do eBooks counts? I think I'm getting off-topic.

Their examples are meeting up with fellow book bloggers in real life or attending book signings. I haven't met any fellow book bloggers in real life (yet but this should be remedied!!) but I HAVE been to a couple book signings. Oh, have I mentioned them? I have? Ad nauseam you say? Well, are you judgy. Fine, I'll keep this brief (and link to my original post) because I don't really have any other IRL book experiences/networking to share*.

I was lucky enough that in one month, in one week, both Jenny Lawson and Christopher Moore a) had new books out and b) were coming to NYC for book signings. Both events and books were amazing and I was outstandingly awkward when talking to both authors. At least with Lawson she was awkward too so it was cool. With Moore he was still cool about it, even when I mumbled "heyIreallylikeyourstuffpleasesignthis". It was still great and I would do it again. I hope to do it again. MOAR BOOK SIGNINGS.

What about you? What bookish networking/experience things have you done?

*I used to do a book club when I lived in Boston, but as I recently learned the club was renamed Wine club which is most accurate. We all read (or at least meant to read) a specific book but a lot of us only saw each other once a month so we spent most of the time catching up.