Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bookish decorations or I'm finally unpacking

Boyfriend and I are finally getting around to unpacking. We got all of the big things unpacked, but the little things and the decorations has just sat in boxes. A lot of them are still sitting in boxes but we did manage to get some work done this weekend. Including, most importantly, getting my Gatsby poster up!
Best decoration? Yup. Actually we didn't get any pictures hung up until this one.

I also got the books unpacked! Well some of them. How have I managed NOT having my books out? Mostly by buying new ones. Because I'm a responsible adult like that. Also, I'm pretty sure the books multiplied while they were in boxes because I have several boxes of books left (and 1 giant suitcase), yet I'm out of bookcase space. Whoops. 
Nothing makes a house a home like bookshelves. Bookshelves filled with books.