Sunday, March 26, 2017

What'd Red Do This Week

OK another busy week but DON'T WORRY, stuff still got done. Let's dive right in
  • Reached out again about the AHCA because OMG. I've seen the list of what it would not cover and am really curious what it WOULD include. And hey, victory there! Now we just need to make sure they don't do whatever they can to destroy ACA
  • I had a legit nightmare about Gorsuch so figured I should probably reach out about him again
Read Today Will Be Different by Maria Semple which wasn't quite as good as Bernadette but Bernadette is still one of my most favorites so hey, big shoes to fill there. And I still enjoyed it. And all the Seattle talk. Now I started both The Stepford Wives by Ira Levin and Invasive by Chuck Wendig, which I did not realize is in the Zer0s series, but here we are.

More of the same. We're finally catching up on the last season of Veep which is a treasure. Right now I'm watching Shrek cos it was on TV when I turned it on and that seemed like a good enough reason. Watched some Trevor Noah stand up, some Futurama (though not super into the movies they made when they brought the series back but whatever, still love the Professor), some Bob's Burgers. T

I should drop this section cos it's nothing interesting. More My Fav Murder which I'm almost caught up on so...crap. Listened to Hamilton again. Of course. 

Working out
Since keeping track of my citizening has helped keep me going, maybe I should include workouts I do (or more recently don't do) here. I did manage to find some yoga that was similar to the classes I was taking till my gym closed for renovations almost a year ago (grrr) so I managed some of that this morning. And I'm trying to get back to doing the stationary bike. We'll see how that goes.