Sunday, March 5, 2017

What'd Red Do This Week

I may be fighting a massive headache now, but that didn't stop me from getting stuff done this week and then posting about it here.

I didn't do quite as much as I was hoping but I still got some stuff done.
  • Reached out to local rep to support HR 111, the resolution to look into Trump's conflicts of interest (biz & Russia)
  • Reached out to local rep to urge him to put actions behind his words that he does not stand for the anti-semitic attacks happening across the country to actually DO something about it, including pushing back against the statement that the attacks are actually being committed by Jewish people and/or democrats to to "make others look bad". 
  • Contacted local reps again about Russia, especially after the news that Sessions met with Russian ambassador twice during the campaign AND THEN LIED ABOUT IT. (I reached out pre-recusal and plan to continue to push for resignation and keeping pushing for investigations.)
I just finished up Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates that a coworker lent me and am working on Sing, Unburied, Sing by Jesmyn Ward. And I just picked up a copy of Feminist Fight Club on sale, which is exciting.

Saw Hidden Figures for a work screening, which was pretty swell. The black employee network set it up and yes, while I realize I am not a black employee it was (of course) open to whomever wanted to attend. And they did a panel that my boss was part of after talking about the movie and women in STEM and POC and WOC and that was cool stuff. Coincidentally I was also meeting with my book club this week to discuss the book Hidden Figures so what good timing.

I've also started watching a bunch of standup on Netflix. I used to watch all the standup shows (Comedy Central Presents, Premium Blend, whatever specials) and not sure why it's taken be so long to embrace all of the stand up on Netflix but I am and that's fun.

Same ol' ALTHOUGH How Did This Get Made just did an episode about Surf Ninjas and since that TERRIBLE movie has a special place in my heart (and I'm sure the taped-off-TV copy we had is in a basement somewhere along with the Three Ninjas saga) I was extra excited, even if June and Jason weren't there for the episode.