Monday, February 13, 2017

What Red Did This Week, again!

Alright, hey, another week and I'm still trying this whole "weekly wrap up but mostly let's keep myself accountable for this activism stuff". Except clearly I'm a bit late with this. It was a busy weekend full of sports (both basketball and hockey), multiple bar stops, and The Book of Mormon. Which was ALL KINDS of fun, but did not actually leave me time to write this. Or get to a computer in general.

I did manage to get pictures of some amazing paintings of possessed demon animals from one of the bars we were at. This is but a small fraction of what they had and I loved them all.

Anyway, let's see where we are

I am discussing with a friend if it makes sense/is worth it to email reps to say "Thank you for fighting against everything that's terrible right now." It seems like good thing and especially where I figure they're getting a lot of crap, maybe hearing "Thank you" would be nice. Or maybe it's just something that basically gets ignored cos there are a billion other things they're doing. But anyway, my senators voted against both Devos and Sessions, so thanks guys. I've also reached out about Bannon being added to the NSC. And I reached about about the Extreme Vetting EO (again) because it's awful and let's keep that one top of mind. There's a town hall meeting coming up soon but unfortunately I am not around that night (though I am debating changing some plans around).
Since I need lots of help with this whole citizening stuff, I've got a couple resources.
The first is It's Time to Fight which Sarah shared and is SUPER helpful.
The next is Indivisible: A Practical Guide for Resisting the Trump Agenda which I am newer to but am looking forward

Also this isn't really citizening I guess but Cory Booker has a book club and since I am clearly a FAN of reading, this was pretty exciting. They're doing a FB Live event tomorrow for it and since the first book is one I have already read, The Sixth Extinction, I shall try and watch it.

Still reading Hidden Figures and finished Goblet of Fire so I'm about to start Order of the Phoenix but this is around the time it is hard for me to keep going. But I shall push through!

More of the same. More Oh Witch Please. More My Favorite Murder. A little bit of How Did This Get Made. This section is gonna get old real quick. (Except you should prob listen to all of these cos they are pretty fun.)

I probably won't do much of this topic either, since I am boring and this doesn't change much. I was listening to Hamilton while walking around the city this weekend and decided, I've probably listened to this enough, perhaps I should mix things up. At which point I put on The Hamilton Mixtape because I'm good at stuff. Since we saw Book of Mormon I'll probably listen to that soundtrack  few times this week.