Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Non-book blogs/sites you should check out

This is probably obvious, but most of the blogs I read are book blogs. I never really followed too many blogs before starting my own, so it makes sense that as I joined this world I mostly follow and read other book bloggers. But there are a few other blogs I've discovered that are amazing and should be shared. And this week's Tuesday Top Ten (hosted by The Broke and the Bookish) gives me that opportunity. If you aren't already familiar with these, you should fix that.

A Cozy Kitchen - It's so hard to read food blogs because they have photo after photo of delicious looking food and all I want to do is eat right then and not bother with that whole pesky "cooking" thing. Though I actually do enjoy cooking. I just enjoy the eating more. There's so much I want to try that I haven't gotten to. Yet.

How Sweet It Is - I heart food. Jessica hearts food. And good food too, like cheese and bacon. The important stuff. She beats Cozy Kitchen only because I've made a few of her dishes and they've been fantastic. She managed to bust through my laziness and make me go "I NEED arugula pesto & white cheddar mac & cheese"

The Bloggess - You read this right? Cos you listened to my post about her book when I told you she made me cry I was laughing so hard and I commanded everyone to read her blog. Because if you still haven't check her out, I don't even know. Jenny Lawson is hilarious and wonderful and posts about all kinds of things, from her battle with depression to some mushrooms in her yard that sort of look like boobs. You get it all.

The Sassy Curmudgeon - I think I found her post when I saw someone wrote a "review" of a sports bra that holds a bottle of wine in the cups so you can drink at moments where a glass of wine is inappropriate. But sucking from a straw coming out of your cleavage is fine. That someone was Una LaMarche and she has some amazingly awkward stories from her teenage years as well as chronicling her undying love for high quality TV shows, like America's Next Top Model.

Bad Lions - These are images from various paintings and sculptures. Of lions. That look like pretty much anything other than lions. Straight forward and hilarious.

Hyperbole and a Half - Allie hasn't written for awhile but till then I am sated myself with her old posts. She writes about various topics and usually includes a comic. If you only read one of her posts (which is stupid cos you should read ALL THE THINGS) read Dogs Don't Understand Basic Concepts Like Moving which cracks me up every time.

Other cos I don't really know how to categorize this one
Freakonomics Blog - If you liked the Freakonomics books, you should check out the blog. It's like a continuation of the books and they tackle new topics and relationships and incentives the books missed.

A Tumblr
#whatshouldwecallme - animated gifs that crack me up. I can waste days on here.

Non-blogs but still amazing
Cracked - Not a blog but I site I'm on all the damn time. It's a humor website, admittedly geared towards guys, although only sometimes to an annoying amount. I've linked to various articles from here a few times on my blog because I swear I'm constantly coming across things that remind me of something from this site.

Least Helpful - Unhelpful review from various places, mostly Amazon. The comments under each review are probably the best part. My favorite: people who confused Ellison's Invisible Man with Well's Invisible Man. "Man was overly visible. One star"