Friday, April 22, 2011

"Sunday" Word Cloud

Last time I did one of these "Sunday" word clouds it was on a Monday. This time it's a Friday. I am no good to sticking with an idea. Or at least a whole idea. I have the word cloud part down, but that "day" adjective is clearly just decorative.  Sure, I could wait and post this on Sunday, but that's not going to happen for no reason other than I want to post something now but haven't read enough of Jane Eyre to really gather my thoughts yet. I could also quit calling it a "Sunday Word Cloud", but that's not going to happen either. "Word Cloud" alone doesn't have enough pop. I could try out some different adjectives, but something like "interesting" and "informative" are just as much of a lie as "Sunday".

And with that, here's my latest bookish word cloud:
If you'd like to see it bigger, follow this link

Not much to learn from this. I say "book" a lot. On a book blog? You don't say! I'm not putting this up here to learn, I putting this up here because of pretty colors. 

If anyone is interested in making their own, you can do it at Wordle. I like looking at word clouds as much as I like making them.