Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The only possible way you can do this is to just go ahead and do it.

If money was no object and I could live anywhere in the world I would live in the Dakota.  I love New York City.  I love that there's always something going on, always something to see and do, a million places to eat (I love food) and I can't imagine getting tired of it.  One of my favorite places to be on a nice day is Central Park.  It's exactly how I like my nature: surrounded by buildings. 

So if any of my readers currently live in the Dakota and are thinking "I could use a change of scene but I want to keep paying for this place" then I have a deal for you.  I will live in your awesome apartment for you!  I know, I'm a saint.  All you have to do is continue to pay the rent/mortgage/property taxes because there is no way I can afford any of this. Park facing preferred, serious inquiries only, kthxbai. 

Boyfriend and I have been torturing ourselves watching the Selling New York show because we're slightly masochistic.  They haven't done an episode at the Dakota (yet!) but the gorgeous apartments did make me think of Jack Finney's Time and Again.  Boyfriend made me read this originally.  I made a comment about going to the bookstore because I needed a new book to read and he apparently took this as a threat and started digging through his things to find a book that would keep me from adding to our growing library.  I was suspicious of his selection, but I gave it a try.  Every once in awhile Boyfriend apparently knows what he's talking about and I enjoyed the book.  I even enjoyed it enough to read it a second time.  Granted this is partly motivated by a lack of new books and the fact that moving is expensive so I'm trying to save my funds.  (I can't afford new books and I want to live in the Dakota. Come on lotto!)

Time and Again is a secret science fiction book.  I didn't know what to expect when I picked it up, but time travel was out of left field.  Boyfriend isn't really a scifi fan and the cover of the book doesn't suggest anything other than a period piece.  But I like the unexpected showing up in my books and that certainly happened here. Or maybe the time travel is all in Si's head and he's really just a crazy person stumbling around NYC thinking it's 1882.  I don't actually remember the details of the book all that well, which is nice because that means I'm enjoying knowing the book without actually remembering how things turn out.  I already know I like it, even if I can't remember why.

It seems I've said a lot here without actually saying anything.  The talents of a (former) English major.  I'll have more about the actual book in another post, once I read some more of the actual book.

Title quote from page 13

Finney, Jack.  Time and Again.  Scribner Paperback Fiction, New York. 1970.