Monday, April 2, 2018

March Reading Wrap Up

March is always a pretty swell month, cos it's my birthday month and all. I am a fan of that. And I did marginally better with reading. I mean, sure 2 of them were graphic novels/comics and one was an audiobook I've listed to a jillion times BUT STILL. I even managed to get all of the reviewing for books-I-need-to-not-just-want-to review done. Pretty proud of that. Did you see that? Last week, TWO whole reviews were written? You should know, I was very smug on Tuesday when the second review went out.

Let's get on to those stats!

Number of books read
Number One Chinese Restaurant by Lillian Li
The Best We Could Do by Thi Bui
World War Z by Max Brooks
Herding Cats by Sarah Andersen

Total pages read


POC Authors
Female authors

US Authors

Book formats
audiobook: 25%
ebook: 75%

Where'd I get the book
Gift: 25%
Kindle/Audible: 25%
NetGalley: 50%

Review books

Books by decade
2000s: 25%
2010s: 75%

Resolution Books
Number One Chinese Restaurant is by a POC author
The Best We Could Do is by a POC author and author originally from another country (though she grew up mostly in the US)