Sunday, April 9, 2017

What'd Red Do This Week

I know. I didn't do much. I'm sorry. I know how important it is to not lose momentum and to not lose steam and to not get discouraged.
Even if I just want to spend my time doing this.

  • Added name to the ACLU petition that the NCAA stand strong on their promise to not hold any championship game in North Carolina until they repeal (not this change that actually didn't make anything better) for LGBT people
  • And then a follow up to the head of the NCAA Mark Emmert who didn't stand strong. Thanks, guys.
I finished re-listening to Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and am in the process of re-listening to the associated Oh Witch, Please podcast episodes. Which is an A+ way to spend time, I recommend it to everyone.
I'm also reading Chuck Wendig's Invasive which is creepy and while not my fav of his stuff, still something I have trouble putting down. 

We finished VEEP season 5 so now I am super excited for the new season, which is starting soonish. I just watched Louis CK's latest standup that's on Netflix, which made me laugh and groan in equal parts. We're also rewatching Arrested Development and I can't decide who does my favorite chicken imitation. Probably Lucille because I love everything Lucille does. 
I guess I covered this before, with Oh Witch Please. And continuing MFM and How Did This Get Made. Oh and some of the Book of Mormon soundtrack, especially "You and Me (But Mostly Me)" because my fav musical character are self-centered people trying to do right, but really just focused on themselves. (OK, so the only other example I can think of right now is Galinda with "Popular" but whatever, that's enough.) You guys are swell.