Sunday, April 2, 2017

What'd Red Do This Week

I know it's late, but hey, better last than never, right? So let's do this
  • Reached out to local rep about SJ Res 34 that rolls back FCC regulations on internet privacy.
  • Signed ACLU petition and Cory Booker petition about anti-immigration order. (I understand that petitions are/can be less effective than calling but in cases where it's backed by either my local rep or else a large organization, I figure I can go with those.)
  • Reached out to senators about push to roll back Title X (per Planned Parenthood prompt)
Read The Stepford Wives for the first time and OMG it was excellent. Obviously I knew the general story already cos it's not a new thing but it was so much better and contemporary feeling than I thought. Now I'm reading Chuck Wendig's Invasive.

Just finished watching Captain America: Civil War and that was super swell fun times. Now we're finishing up the latest season of VEEP, which is a little depressing because it's way less of a satire than it should be.

Still more My Fav Murder (oh guess what, I get to go see them live cos Tom is an excellent birthday gift giver), still more How Did This Get Made, and I binged on S-Town the other day. 

Working Out
Well, not nothing. I managed some time on the stationary bike but that was about it. Let's see if I can do better next week. (Not that I did any today.)