Friday, September 11, 2015

I'm bored and lazy so IT'S SURVEY TIME

So sometime back in August (which I only know cos that's when the original survey is from [thanks, Brie!]) I saved this survey as something to do when I'm bored/not motivated enough to write a review. Or like, if the next book I'm supposed to review is allllllll the way over there and I'm sitting in a beach chair cos we still don't have our couch and beach chairs are not easy to get out of. It's been awhile, so hey, survey time!

A - age: 31. I'm only sort of in denial about it

B - biggest fear: deep water? Or maybe specifically the ocean because OMG so many things in there can kill you and I am useless in the water. I'm useless on land too but soooo much worse in the water. I sort of love sharks though. But I love them while I'm over here. On land. And they're in the sea.
Also watch out for tough guy belugas
C - current time: 9:33. PM. Eastern Time.

D - drink you had last: lemonade

E - easiest person to talk to: Umm Tom? Both easiest cos I tell him all the things and also easiest cos he's normally right there. Well not now cos I am watching Project Runway and he is watching baseball because yeah, we need to fulfill some stereotypes. Apparently.

F - favorite song: I have no idea. It used to be Rx Bandits but I haven't listened to them in awhile. And I'm pretty sure this is the first time in ever I couldn't come up with a favorite song. Let's just say Green Day's "When It's Time" because that was our first dance song, so I sure do like it.

G - grossest memory: I'm sure there are grosser things that I've blocked out, but last weekend Tom and I were wandering around NYC and were in Time Square (OK, it was in part to see what's going on with the painted ladies that are causing so much ruckus recently) and I'm roughly 98% sure this guy was peeing on this map (like a mall directory) in the area and...yeah, that was special.
EDIT so since writing this answer there was some loud crash in the house but we can't figure out where it came from so I was checking the utility closet and walked into a spider web and while I'm sure that's not the grossest memory ever, I FEEL LIKE I HAVE SPIDER WEBS ALL OVER ME GAAAAAAAAAHHH. So yeah. I'll go with that for now.
H - hometown: This town in NJ that whenever people ask where I'm from I just name towns in the area because yeah, you're not going to know it. And then people go "No, just tell me the one." And I do and they're like "Oh wait, I don't know that one." It's near Morristown. People have sometimes heard of that one.

I - in love with: Lotsa things. Tom. My friends. My family. A bunch of TV shows. Way more material possessions than is probably healthy.

J - jealous of: people who don't burn if they think about the sun for more than 12 seconds. People who can speak other languages (how do you do that?? I hardly have this one figured out).

K - kindest person you know: I know a bunch of kind people, even if that kindness is hidden under levels of snark. DON'T THINK I DON'T SEE IT HIDING UNDER THERE.

L - longest relationship: With Tom cos it's been like 10 years? 11? I actually think our dating anniversary is coming up soon. Sometime. I dunno when. (Because I'm terrible.) But that's the one I like to count cos dude, 10 years. I put in the time, I'm getting the credit. I dunno who the credit is from, but I'm getting it.

M - middle name: Marie. Isn't that boring? Celebrities may come up with ridiculous first names but middle names are where you can go nuts cos who cares.

N - number of siblings: Just the one lil' brother. Who is awesome and does things like install surround sound and go see Straight Outta Compton with me.

O - one wish: Like genie-wise? Can I know ALL THE LANGUAGES? In part I guess so I can communicate with the world, but mostly so I can eavesdrop on people and then if they're talking about me I can be like 'OH WHAT NOW?" Except in their language.
P - person you spoke to last on the phone: Some wrong number that called my cell. Yes, that is the number you dialed. I've had this number since like 2001 so yeah, I'm sure whoever you're trying to reach is not here.

Q - question you're always asked: Is that your real hair color? It is, isn't it? You're Irish, aren't you? (Yes, yes I already said that, I'm not you lose.)

R - reason to smile: I just remembered there's a carmalita bar in the cabinet. They are these bars from Whole Foods that are usually just wrapped in saran wrap and in some bin by the bakery and they're made with oats and caramel and pecans and dark chocolate and probably crack given how much I love them. Oh also and like the love of friends and whatnot.

S - song you last sang: I'm sure it was something ridiculous. Something from a musical? Likely. I had "Anaconda" stuck in my head before so maybe that? Could be!

T - time you woke up: 6:20 this morning. Stupid work, being all far from where I am. I need more sleep.

U - underwear color: how apropos as ProjRun is doing an underwear episode. ANWAY green and white polka dots

V - vacation destination: like vacation I'm going to go on? recently went on? I dunno where we'll go next (I guess we'll see who is getting married next and when cos IT'S THAT AGE) but last vacation was to Chicago where we got to hang out with Alice (woooo!)

W - worst habit: nail biting? I do that a lot.

X - x-rays you've had: It was either x-ray or xylophone, wasn't it? I had my face x-rayed when I was like 8 and got hit with a baseball. I mostly remember it being very late and the x-ray tech guy was like 'OK little girl, why don't you sit in this giant scary room while I turn on this large machine and run out of the room, because obviously it's dangerous to be in here, k bye!" Not that I was that scared, more just "What the hell is happening to me right now?" I've broken bones since then but it's been my pinky finger and a toe, and an x-ray seemed unnecessary.

Y - your favorite food: that carmalita bar is pretty awesome. But also burritos. Or noodles. Plantains. Dumplings. So much food.

Z - zodiac sign: aries, which I'm pretty sure means angry?

So hey, you know you wanna do this to, right?