Monday, March 30, 2015


Hey you guys, guess what!


Last year I was sort of in denial of the whole birthday thing cos I turned 30 and was like "Shit, do I need to be an adult now?" Turns out, no, not really. Well, I guess a little (considering we're working on selling our current place and buying another, which are fairly adult things) but overall not much as changed. 

The other day I was checking mail and saw a package that looked like a book. Except I didn't remember ordering any books. Or winning any books. Or agreeing to review anything. But I also don't have the best memory so really, any of the above was possible. What I assumed definitely didn't happen was that Tom would get me a book cos he's always talking about how I should get rid of some books, considering our shelves are mostly double stacked. Or were before we were prepping for all the open houses. Anyway. The point is, I figured whatever this book was, it wasn't from him.

Obviously, it was from him. Tom found this site called Just the Right Book, a book-of-the-month club where you fill in a profile of what you like, what you don't like, and they pick out books for you. Like StitchFix which I am also a fan of*. The first book is The Husband's Secret by Liane Moriarty and oh, Just the Right Book, aren't you guys clever. So yeah, Tom is pretty great. And there is a surprise tonight, but I don't know what that is yet so I'll have to give you an update later.

Last year I did a giveaway for my birthday and I thought about doing it again, except we're in the middle of 4000 things, what with the whole house buying/selling deal, so I WILL be doing a giveaway, but not till the summer. If I was smart I'd have figured out a giveaway before I packed up all my book. But yeah, I did not do that so now I get to move a bunch of books I'll get rid of as soon as we unpack. See, older and yet no wiser.


*And if you want to try out StitchFix, which is awesome, oh hey, I have a referral code you could use.