Thursday, March 5, 2015

February Reading Stats

Did you guys know that February is already over? Because I didn't know that. Which is why this post is coming a few days late. Well that and also cos this weekend was suuuuper busy* and sort of messed up any normal schedule. But it was mostly the whole "I still am not quite sure how calendars work" thing.

So, how about some stats?

Number of books read
Naked by David Sedaris
California by Eden Lepucki
Blindness by Jose Saramago

Number of pages read

Percentage of fiction read

Percentage of female authors

Percentage of white authors

Percentage of US authors

Book formats
ebooks - 67%
paperback - 33%

Percentage of rereads

Percentage of review books

Books written by decade
1990s - 67%
2000s - 33%

Books by genre
Humor - 33%
Dystopia - 67% (who knew this would be such a big genre for me)

Resolution books**
While he's still a white guy, Saramago is NOT from the US (Portuguese) and the book is a translation, which I realize now was not one of the resolution options but maybe it should be because I've managed to hit it twice now. Also the book was published pre-2000 so fulfills on two counts.
Also the Sedaris book counts, and while I feel like that is sort of cheating, it is older than the 2000s so yeah. Maybe I should call those books "Resolution - lite"

ALSO today is Tom's birthday so HEY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, YOU!

*Home buying and selling stuff (that I won't talk about yet because superstitions, but promise I will keep updates as things happen and are actually set-in-stone) as well as a snowstorm that sort of screwed up my Monday, though it did mean I got to hang out with some friends for extra time so that was pretty awesome. Even if I'm super tired and have crammed far too much caffeine into myself.

** As a reminder, as much for myself as for you guys, my resolution was to read more non-white, non-US, authors and read more books that are older than the 2000s. Perhaps amendments will be made to this.