Friday, January 2, 2015

Year End Reading Wrap-Up

You may have noticed I am skipping a December reading wrap-up post. That is because at the beginning of December I began reading the third GoT/ASoIaF book, A Storm of Swords, which is 80,000,000 pages long (roughly) and December has been a bit hectic and thus, I have not actually finished ANY books this month. Which is the first time that has happened in I don't know how long. But this seems like the perfect opportunity to look at how many reading has fared over the year, doesn't it? And I'll put in a bunch of graphs because, come on, who doesn't LOVE spreadsheets as part of their end of year wrap up?

Books read
50. Allllllmost a book a week. I blame George R.R. for screwing that up.
Pages read

Percentage of fiction read
Percentage of female authors

Percentage of white authors
86% - I did split out India from the rest of Asia when figuring race,, although I guess that's not actually what the US census bureau does. Maybe that would be the best designation to use.
Percentage of US authors

Percentage of eBooks
38% I'm surprised this isn't higher. I wonder what that says about my perceived reading, that I think I'm reading ebooks more often. Of course I have been plowing through A Storm of Swords on my Kindle forever, so that's probably tainting my current view.

Percentage of rereads
10% so many new books to check out
Percentage of review books
4% - I knew it wasn't a lot but I didn't think it was THAT low. That said, I'm not super upset about this.
Books written by decade
1850s - 2%
1860s - 2%
1950s - 2%
1960s - 4%
1970s - 2%
1980s - 10%
1990s - 6%
2000s - 18%
2010s - 54%
I'm always surprised how much of my reading is made up of books that only came out in the last couple years.
Books by genre
Children's - 2%
Classic - 2%
Coming of age - 2%
Crime - 4%
Economics - 2%
Essays - 6%
Fantasy - 4%
Graphic Novel - 10%
Health - 4%
History - 2%
Horror - 20%
Humor - 8%
Lit Fic - 2%
Memoir - 2%
Mystery - 2%
Rom Com - 2%
Romance/Love Story - 4%
Sci Fi - 8%
Science - 2%
Thrille - 6%
Travel memoir - 2%
I still have no idea what to consider this - 2%
My reading is all over the place. Except when it comes to horror. That may also be because horror is easier to put in a genre than some of the others. Genres are haaaaaard to figure out and what about ones that fall into multiple genres? It's an imperfect system but I'll probably keep doing it next year.

So there we go. Overall I can't say there are any surprises here. Which is a bit sad.

Bookish Resolutions
Read more non-white people
Read more non-US people
Read more books that are older than the 2000s

Let's see if I can hit at least 1 of those 3 resolutions above each month.

How'd you do with your reading this year? Do you have any bookish resolutions?