Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Reading Slump

I haven't been reading. Not books anyway. Not for at least the last week. I've managed to do a decent job keeping up with blogs and Cracked, but I haven't picked up a book. I have books to read, but I can't get into them. And I don't think it's the books' faults. I mean I haven't read them yet, so it's not cos the books are bad.

First it was packing up for the move. I'm not particularly organized nor do I do things ahead of time, which just served to stress me out. Then last week Boyfriend and I spent our free time after work driving out to the new place and painting before we moved the furniture in, which was a great except each night we got home late and we were exhausted. I didn't have the energy for reading, though I did muster the energy to watch Archer* but that takes a lot less effort.

Now it's been unpacking. And that is going slowly, again because of the disorganized and laziness factors. It's better than packing, no question, but I have only a vague idea of where all my stuff is. I know it's in a box somewhere. Probably. Also we don't have a couch yet. We're getting a new couch and it will be awesome and perfect for reading. But in the meantime we have a couple of beach chairs sitting in the living room and I've found they are way more conducive to reading when you're actually sitting on a beach.

I was planning on reading All Her Father's Guns but I think I need something I've already read before to get me back into the swing of reading. And not just any re-read, but something I've read a number of times and already put in the effort so now I can sit back and enjoy the ride. I'm thinking Jasper Fforde's The Big Over-Easy because I've read it a few times and it's hilarious, and also because it's sort of crime/noir-esque (except, you know, with nursery rhyme characters) so it will hopefully get me in the mood to tackle something from the Smooth Criminals reading challenge. Now I just have to remember which box it's in...

How do you get yourself out of a reading slump?

*If you haven't seen the show Archer yet I'm just going to leave this best of link right here and you decide for yourself the level of awesomeness that is the show.