Friday, July 15, 2011

Top Ten Sexiest Authors

Brenna over at LitMusings pulled together a list of her Top Ten Sexiest Male Authors. Greg from The New Dork Review followed her lead and has a list of his Top 10 Female Authors (in Terms of Hotness).  As I have no qualms with stealing ideas* here's my list. Since Brenna and Greg each took one gender I figured, to make my list something different; I'd do half and half. Yes, there will be some overlap because, let's face it, they have some great ones on there. I was going to base it just on looks, but a shitty book can make someone less attractive and a kick ass one can do wonders for them. And then of course there's someone like Stephen King where as much as I love the guy's writing he won't be making this list...

So here we go. First up the guys

5. Philip K. Dick
4. Ma Jian
3. Christopher Moore
2. Jonathan Safran Foer
1. Jasper Fforde

And now we have the ladies

5. Marisha Pessl
4. Jennifer Egan
3. Jessica Valenti
2. Dorothy Parker
1. Jhumpa Lahari

Aww, it's like the prom king and queen

Who do you think I missed?

*With appropriate links and the OK from the original creator