Monday, July 18, 2011

The Reader's Beach-Going Necessities

1. Books - well obviously. I mean really, the title of the post says Reader's beach-going necessities, did you think books wouldn't be first on the list? If so, you've clearly stumbled here by accident and I'm not sure you'll find what you're looking for. Go ahead, sneak out the back. I won't mind.

2. Sunglasses - you need to be able to see to read the books. This is my current sunglasses collection, most of which are cracked, scratched or lay crooked across my face. I recently spent the big money ($15) on a pair of sunglasses not bought off some guy on the street, so clearly I'm moving on up in the world.

3. Beach chair - I hate laying on my back or stomach while reading. I just get weird cramps that I try to ignore so I can just finish this chapter and dammit, now my shoulder is all stiff.

4. Sunscreen - must remember not to get so engrossed in the book that you forget sunscreen. I have between SPF70-100 because I practically glow in the dark. And yes, I know nothing over 45 blocks out more sun, but the higher the number the longer it takes for the burning to start. Since I burn when I think about the sun for too long, I go high.

Mocking me with melanin 
5. Umbrella - I learned the hard way that sunscreen alone will not keeping me from turning into a lobster and thus, the umbrella was necessary. Boyfriend tends to shun it, along with laughing at me for my sunscreen while he dabs on SPF15.  The sun seems to actually enjoy him. Here's a photo of his skin versus mine for reference.

6. Umbrella anchor - yes, this is important enough to get a separate number. This was another lesson learned the hard way. I thought we had the umbrella and all would be grand. We showed up to the beach, jammed the umbrella into the sand as far as we could and approximately 10 minutes later the thing started to fall. Meanwhile all of these other families around us, who were clearly seasoned pros, brought with them this amazing contraption. They put it in the sand, twisted a couple times and BOOM, the umbrella is secured. Winds that were blowing small children around could not take down their umbrellas.

7. Food & drink - I have this condition where I have to eat every hour or I'll start whining.

Obviously your beach outing may require more accoutrement but at least if you have the above your beach reading will be a success.