Thursday, November 4, 2010

Book Blog Hop XIV*

Another Friday (almost anyway), another blog hop, hosted by Crazy-For-Books.  The questions this week are: What are your feelings on losing followers? Have you ever stopped following a blog?

I'm sad when I lose followers.  There are questions asked: Wasn't I good enough for you?  What do you want from me?? But then I realized I'd rather have followers that actually want to read what I write instead of someone that started following me solely in the hopes that I would follow them back.  I know my blog isn't for everyone and that's fine.  

To answer the second question: yes I stop following blogs.  As I just said, I want people to follow me if they want to actually read what I write.  Keeping with that line of thinking, I only follow blogs if I like to read them.  When I first started blogging I would follow anyone that followed me.  Eventually my blog list was huge and I realized I wasn't really reading the majority of them.  Since then I only follow blogs if I like what I see, but sometimes I still end up with blogs that I'm not really engaged with.  So every once in awhile I'll go through the list and do some purging.  That doesn't mean the blogs I stop following are bad; it just means they aren't for me.  It's not you it's me, I'm setting you free, you'd be better with somebody else.**

Do you stop following blogs?  How do you decide what blogs to follow?

*Once I don't know the roman numerals anymore I'll switch to some new blog title for these.  
**There's a song called "Welcome to Dumpsville, Populate You" by the band Caustic Soda and it's now stuck in my head