Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Reviewing Delays

Question for fellow book bloggers: is there a point where it's been too long to review something?

Basically, I want to review everything that I read. Not just like I feel like I should or stuff like that, but that I actually want to. But as is probably obvious, I have not kept up a rapid pace when it comes to reviewing.
Me for the last couple months
I've kept on top of ARC reviews but stuff that I just read for funsies is...yeah.

I have a running list of all of the books I have read (as you may know from all of my reading stat posts) and I keep track of which books I still have to review. The oldest one is Grotesque which I read back in July. JULY. That is like 8 months ago.

Is there a point where you move on? Or no, should I press on and get around to reviewing all those older books (even though I'm clearly not reviewing it right now and am instead writing this).

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to be very productive. And by that I mean watch Criminal Minds reruns and play sudoku