Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Cheap books, you know I love you

So I wrote recently about how I bought some new books, cos that's always fun. And then I was thinking about how I could write a review (Hag Seed review up next!) instead I could write about BookSliced.com, which lets you set up alerts when ebooks reach a certain price point. So that's pretty swell and while I don't get the emails too often (probably cos I set the alert prices really low) it's a nice surprise when I get an email telling me about some book I had completely forgotten about is now on sale.
My and Tom's reactions to me buying more books
I've tried other sites like BookBub but that one just sends you an email with currently discounted titles and most of them...they are not my thing. And really a lot of the ones I can find browsing through BookSliced are in a similar "not my thing" group. That is also probably why the alerts are sporadic.

The one complaint I do have with BookSliced is OMG THE TEXT SEARCH IS SO BAD. I can't figure out exactly how the text search is working but searching for titles or authors is really hit or miss. It doesn't seem to recognize quotes or some other basic Boolean operators and almost regardless of what I type in, I tend to get a lot of self-help and romance titles that don't seem to contain any of the words I searched for.

So yeah, search takes some work but hey, discounted books, that's super fun.

Alright, fine. I'll get working on reviews.