Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Birthday Happenings

I realize my birthday is behind me, but Tom, master gift giver he is, extended things until this past weekend. So let's talk about that.

First up, he got me a blender and The Martian on blu-ray and I know that doesn't sound super exciting but I get pretty excited by kitchen appliances and our blender had this habit of leaking everywhere but I kept using it cos I NEEDED to make this short rib chili*, leaks be damned. And The Martian because OBVIOUSLY.
But yes, those things aren't super exciting for you to read about. However, he then had two things planned.

First up, as I mentioned in my birthday post, Hamilton trivia. There's this company that hosts all these themed trivia nights and they're super fun, despite the fact that we have never won and only once came somewhat close to ranking (Parks and Rec, I heart you). They just so happen to have Hamilton trivia scheduled for my birthday, so stars aligning and whatnot, we decided to go. This despite the fact that out of the four of us going, I was the only one who was really a fan of the show. Though my one friend decided to start listening to the album in preparation and while she didn't finish it before the show, she does not understand the joy that is Hamilton and is hooked. Also she studied up on LMM because she does trivia right. Something like 150 people signed up (what??) and we did not win, but we didn't do too shabby considering the questions are HARD. Want some examples? SURE WHY NOT

  • In the casting notes, George Washington is described as a cross between John Legend and who?
  • In one of the Ham4Ham's, (they probably named which one, but I don't remember) LMM wore a broadway shirt parodying which Jay-Z song?
  • When they met, Daniel Radcliff told LMM that he thought Hamilton belonged in which Hogwarts house? Bonus question, which house does LMM think A.Ham belongs in?

I made this face a lot
There were also rounds where they would say most of a lyric and you had to fill in the blank (though they didn't tell you how many words they omitted) and a picture round, which was pretty easy save for the double casting so you better use the tiny bit of costume you can see to get it right, in addition to 2 general Hamilton knowledge rounds, plus one round entirely dedicated to Ham4Ham.**

After this Tom told me there birthday part 3 that would be coming but he wouldn't tell me when or give any hints. After a few days I stopped thinking about it.

This past weekend we spent Saturday visiting with friends who recently made a little one and well
So we did and that was fun and the baby was adorable (I'd say aren't they all but well...no, no they are not so kudos friends!) and good times. On our way home (they're out in Brooklyn) Tom suggested we stop in Manhattan and originally I wanted to get home and get stuff done, but then he suggested food and I can always be won over with food. We park the car and Tom grabs me and yells "BIRTHDAY PART C!!!" and I spent the 3 avenue across/5 block down walk (we were not parked near the place) trying to figure out WHAT I was about to walk into.

What I was about to walk into was DRUNK SHAKESPEARE. Tom was Googling things I like and he stumbled upon this and what can I say. He gets me.

It's just what it sounds like.
plus this
It's a performance in this tiny library room (with a bar behind a bookshelf!) where one of the actors starts the show by taking 4 shots (plus a few more throughout) and then performs a Shakespeare play while drunk. I suppose technically the other actors are sober although that could be up for debate. They then performed Macbeth and it was hilarious (especially the chick that played the Porter and Banquo and various other roles). Plus two of our friends who I haven't seen in awhile met us there so that made things that much better.

So yeah, all of that was swell and if anyone is in the NYC area let me know cos I would TOTALLY be down for either of these things again.

Also Tom wins at gift giving.

*Seriously, though, this chili is RIDIC good.
**These were ones I actually knew. I can't remember the ones I didn't know. Or, like, most of the questions. Anyway. Answers: Mufasa (PERFECT RIGHT?), 99 Problems (The shirt was Javert has 24601 problems and Valjean is all of them), Ravenclaw and Slytherin.