Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Secret Santa Time

A few of us decided to do a book blogger Secret Santa and I LOVE PRESENTS so of course I was in.

I managed to get my gift in the mail today (or by the time this posts, yesterday. Time travel for the win. Also I was pretty proud that I got my gift in the mail before Valentine's Day.) But other people are more on top of things than me and I got my gift in the mail today.

Laura from Devouring Texts was my Secret Santa!! I was so excited to see the package and I sort of guessed it was her since it had the fancy Royal Mail stamp on the package. And yes, I get that Royal Mail is just what the mail is called there and not some super fancy mail, but still, it has "royal" right in the name.


First up, a King book because OF COURSE. AND a King book I don't have but have had in my sights for awhile so excited! I can always use more King in my life.

Next up is some English chocolate because Laura taught me that it's not that I dislike milk chocolate, it's that I dislike American milk chocolate. I'm sorry for all of you who have fond memories of Hershey bars, but they taste terrible. This stuff however is delicious. I actually ate one of the chocolate coins before I even took this picture. Because it didn't fit nicely on the book or something.

Lastly is the "Her?" button. Laura included a note with the package and I started reading the note first, but each time she got to one of the items in the package, I had to open it. First she mentioned the King book, so I opened that. Then when she said there was also an Arrested Development badge I had to again stop reading and open that package. 
And then I laughed and laughed when I saw it. 

I know I just said this with my Thanksgiving post, but I have met so many amazing people through book blogging which has really been my favorite part of the whole book blogging experience.