Monday, July 29, 2013

I have been places!

Heeeeey everyone. I'm sorry I've been MIA this past week. Assuming you noticed.That's a little egotistical of me, thinking OF COURSE you've noticed my absence. Actually some of you may realize I was missing as I'm just now getting around to reading blogs and thus you're getting comments on things from last week. ANYWAY, I have been places that are not home, and thus I was not here.

Boyfriend+ and I went down to South Carolina last week to visit my dad and see Charleston. I typically only make it down there for Thanksgiving and Boyfriend+ had never been since he's normally working during the holiday because sports, sports, sports. It was nice to get to show him the house AND we got to use the pool. We ate lots of good food which is always fun and the main reason I vacation. The weather was nice but hot and other than some glitches getting down there, it was a good time.

Those glitches getting down there though. That sucked. Enough that Boyfriend+ put together an infographic because nerd. Would you like to see? Even if you don't want to, my blog
If you're flying out of JFK, assume that every single person in the tri-state area will also be traveling at the same time, and also they've never flown before so the whole security process will be a new and exciting experience for them.

To explain the pilot outing us thing. So we were supposed to have a 2 hour layover. Except with all of those delays, we were going to be landing about 2 minutes AFTER our connecting flight, which does not do us much good. We asked the flight attendant for our options since the pilot was still doing pilot stuff and we didn't know when we'd actually be leaving. She told us we could get off and try to find a different flight from JFK so we asked to do that. I don't know how many other people asked the attendant the same thing, but not long after that the pilot got on and made an announcement about how we were ready to push off but someone now wanted to get off the plane so we're going to be delayed even further. So then lots of people around us started grumbling and THANKS A LOT, JERK. There was extra grumbling when we got up, but a BUNCH of people also got off with us since people were missing meetings connections so at least we weren't the only ones.

Before any of the mechanical problems and missed connections happened, JB told us they were going to be sending our bags right to our final destination, which was PERFECT. Except then they didn't do that at all and instead sent it to our connecting city. The one where we didn't go there cos we were going to miss the connection. Our bags missed the connection. THEN because my dad lives in the middle of no where, South Carolina, they were outside of the bag delivery area and told us they'd normally FedEx them overnight, which means out of our 4 1/2 day trip, we'd be without our bags for 2 days. There were some sad looks and they agreed to make an exception. And then the dogs swarmed the car when it came to deliver the bags and I bet they won't deliver out there again, even though the dogs are SUPER FRIENDLY AND THEY JUST WANTED TO SAY HI. Of course, I'm hoping that my bags don't get lost again, so hopefully this won't be an issue.

So I also didn't get a chance to do the minireadathon that was yesterday (except I'm writing this on Sunday, so today. But I'm going to post this on Monday, so yesterday. Time travel is confusing.) I was sort of around but we had to do all of the I've-been-away-and-need-to-get-back-to-reality-even-though-reality-is-lame and do things like buy food and do the mountains of laundry that have been accumulating. But I am going through and reading everyone's mini-readathon posts and please know, I am very jealous of your good times.

I will be around more this week and will hopefully have reviews to post and maybe I'll even finish Native Son (I will not).